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Sport and CBD: do these two terms seem contradictory to you? It is not so ! On the contrary, cannabidiol has plenty of good surprises in store for our athletic friends… In this article we review all the benefits of CBD for athletes. To discover all our products, visit our organic CBD store.

Once upon a time, CBD in the world of sport …

Cannabidiol, a molecule that has long remained taboo

Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD is part of the large family of cannabinoids, just like tetrahydrocannabinol. However, if there are points in common between these two substances, there are also major differences between them: the main one being that CBD does not have any psychoactive or addictive effects. Its use is therefore completely legal in France!

Sport and CBD: what is it really like today?

The good news is that the sports world now seems to have opened their eyes to the safety of CBD. Since October 2017, it’s official, cannabidiol has been removed from the list of doping products by the WADA (Worl Anti-Doping Association). In January 2018, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) also confirmed loud and clear the legality of CBD for professional athletes. This is enough to reassure even the most skeptical …

We remind you all the same, CBD is authorized, but not THC, which remains a prohibited substance! High-level sports enthusiasts should therefore be very vigilant about the origin of their CBD product. In order to be truly lawful, the latter must imperatively contain less than 0.2% THC. To avoid any risk, it is best to turn to a Broad Spectrum (broad spectrum) CBD oil from a reputable store, such as Authentic-CBD.

CBD benefits for athletes: info or poison?

The countless (and real) virtues of cannabidiol

Whether you are a real sports professional, or a simple Sunday athlete, it is legitimate to ask yourself the question: Is CBD Really Beneficial To Regular Physical Activity?

The answer is yes, and without any detour! Long known for its many therapeutic virtues, cannabidiol is effective both before, during, and after sport. We explain more precisely its benefits at each step …

The benefits of CBD before exercise

You certainly know the stage fright, that insidious anxiety that takes you in the guts, a few days or a few hours before achieving an important sporting performance…. Often linked to the fear of failure, the fear of disappointing, the fear of the gaze of others, stage fright is not inevitable!

To get rid of it, nothing better than a small dose of CBD! Cannabidiol is known to be an excellent natural stress reliever, especially thanks to its deeply relaxing effect. Consuming CBD is therefore a good way to experience a sporting event more calmly.

Moreover, in the field of sport, everything is not just a question of physical capacities. Motivation and self-confidence are also important tools for success. You may not know it, but CBD balances the level of serotonin, the famous “happiness hormone”. It therefore also helps modulate mood, and adopt a more positive state of mind.

The benefits of CBD during exercise

Once on the track, CBD will be a real ally to optimize your sports performance. Most sports require constant vigilance. By stabilizing, among other things, dopamine levels, the use of cannabidiol promotes concentration. CBD will therefore be particularly useful for most mentally demanding sports, like yoga, dance, tennis, golf, archery, or even combat sports such as karate or boxing.

But that’s not all… CBD can also have the effect of a little “boost”. It offers a gentle boost of energy, without ever causing nervousness. Its action also helps in pain management, which is ideal for endurance sports, such as running, cycling, swimming … activities which require mobilizing all of your resources in a limited time.

The benefits of CBD after exercise

As the famous saying goes: “after the effort, the comfort!”. However, the day after a sporting activity is not always easy. Athletes know that when the body has to cope with intense physical effort, it does not always come out unscathed: aches, cramps, strains, injuries, tendonitis, strains, sprains, fatigue … the list of inconveniences goes on and on. more ! Once again, CBD is proving particularly interesting… The reason? Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties of course! Particularly in the context of the practice of endurance sports

Indeed, like a natural analgesic, cannabidiol considerably reduces muscle and joint pain. Consumed in the evening before sleeping, it also becomes the ally of a rapid fall asleep, and a deep and restful sleep. Verdict: CBD is ideal for optimal recovery after a sports session!

How to consume CBD when you are athletic?

The CBD market is large, so this precious molecule exists in many and varied forms. Depending on the person and the situation, one or the other will be preferred. Here are some tips to help you discover the benefits of CBD with confidence … If you are an athlete, and you want to use CBD against stress, stage fright or anxiety: oral CBD seems to be a good alternative.

For this, it is possible to incorporate CBD flowers into your diet, use a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue, or invest in CBD capsules, to be taken like any other dietary supplement. . After sports, to relieve physical ailments, CBD oil will be perfect for massaging on painful areas. In the event of sleep disturbances, however, we will prefer a CBD herbal tea, such as the delicious CBD infusion “Calm Night” from Authentique-CBD. Quality advice: it is always better to turn to an organic CBD product.


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