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Illness of the century, sleep disorders are very present in our modern societies: insomnia, long fall asleep, untimely awakenings … And yet, current drug solutions are not without danger in the long term. Being a wellness supplement, can CBD in oil form become a natural alternative to combat these sleep disorders? We take stock in this article! To learn more about the other benefits of CBD oil, check out our full review here.

Anxiety and sleep, CBD can help

CBD oil for restful sleep

Sleep disturbances are usually the result of increased anxiety. Our lifestyle favors the increase in insomnia and poor sleep more than ever. The predominance of screens before bedtime, stress and different social pressures lead to a significant flow of thoughts. As a result, the time to fall asleep lengthens and the nights are restless. A natural alternative, CBD is known to soothe and reduce anxiety states. This natural extract of hemp, safe and legal, plays a regulatory role on the endocannabinoid system which acts at different levels on our body. Especially on stress and therefore sleep. CBD oil is then placed as an effective means to fight sleep disorders. Thanks to its rapid action, it allows you to limit thoughts, release tension and find a good balance of life, without stress. By directly reducing anxiety, you will be able to find a deep sleep and peaceful nights!

How to take CBD oil for better sleep?

Cannabidiol oil is a popular form of consumption for CBD users. For good reason, it is a practical and fast way to feel all the benefits of cannabidiol. Wherever you are, you can take your vial of CBD oil with you. Using a pipette, just place a few drops under your tongue in order to immediately benefit from the effects of CBD (allow between 5 to 15 minutes). If you are very anxious by nature, it is possible to spread your cannabidiol intake throughout the day. Non-addictive, it will strengthen the anxiolytic effects to promote a good nights sleep. Otherwise, you can only take your oil a few minutes before you go to bed. In addition, for optimal results, we advise you to opt for organic, high quality CBD oils.

CBD helps people with post-traumatic stress disorder

Sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder

When we say post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), veterans immediately come to mind. But it’s not just them who suffer from this syndrome. Indeed, it can affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event or who witnessed it. This is the case, for example, of victims of rape, assault or even mistreatment. PTSD can also develop in trades subject to shocking events (firefighters, police, etc.). The symptoms of PTSD are multiple and very disabling in everyday life. Among these, sleep disorders are recurrent. They often result in nightmares, sleeplessness or interrupted sleep. People with post-traumatic stress disorder may experience a sense of distress and anguish during the night, caused by repetitive dreams of the traumatic event. These sleep disorders can then be treated with conventional drug treatments (antidepressant or sleeping pill). But they are not a lasting solution, unlike CBD.

The benefits of CBD oil for post-traumatic stress disorder

As we explained previously, CBD acts on forms of anxiety in a favorable way, without the risk of addiction and serious side effects. In the context of post-traumatic stress disorder, CBD oil helps regulate the stress hormone, block the consolidation of alert memories and moderate mood. With its rapid effects, CBD oil is favorable for limiting anxiety attacks and regaining a serene state in a few minutes. Although studies are still minimal on the subject, CBD oil could become a 100% natural solution to reduce the many symptoms of PTSD, including sleep disturbances.


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