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Arthritis, pancreatitis, inflammation, anxiety… Cats also have their daily ailments. Much like humans, it appears that animals are receptive to the natural benefits of CBD. We explain everything about the virtues and the use of this molecule from hemp, which contributes to the well-being of your cat.

CBD and cats: what are the benefits?

CBD reminder

More and more popular, CBD is talking about it. And for good reason, this substance from the cannabis plant is becoming the new well-being darling in many sectors. Anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, relaxing … CBD (cannabidiol) has multiple natural virtues to relieve and improve everyday ailments.
Unlike THC, the other molecule found mostly in hemp, CBD does not cause psychoactive effects or addiction. So don’t worry, consuming cannabidiol doesn’t get you “high”. In addition, it has very mild and rare side effects. It is therefore positioned as a natural solution to drug treatments that can cause undesirable effects. And this, for humans as well as for our pets.
Yep, although you might think otherwise, CBD is by no means toxic to felines, unlike THC.

CBD for cats: how does it work?

To fully understand the action of CBD on cats, we must take an interest in its action on the body. This molecule extracted from hemp is part of the cannabinoid family, which act directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in all mammals. Like humans, cats are therefore sensitive to the interaction of cannabidiol with their ECS and can enjoy its benefits.
By consuming CBD, it binds to receptors in their central nervous system and immune system. As a result, the active compounds in CBD help regulate the body on several levels. This is why he is granted properties to reduce inflammation, limit pain, calm stress or improve appetite.

The benefits of CBD for your feline companion

An alternative for chronic pain

The benefits of CBD for your cat are numerous. First of all, in older cats, it is not uncommon to find that these suffer from arthritis. This mainly causes reduced mobility, constant pain and a lack of energy. Thanks to that anti-inflammatory and analgesic function, CBD may be an alternative for relieve your cat of joint pain. Indeed, this well-being supplement helps your feline animal to find a better shape and to reduce the symptoms of the disease.

An ally against stress

On the other hand, cats are very sensitive animals to their environment. Thus, they can feel stress and have aggressive reactions or fear. This is especially the case if they are in conflict with other cats, have a bad relationship with a human, or do not feel comfortable with a change in their environment. This anxiety, if left untreated, can lead to behavioral and eating disorders or even be harmful to one’s health.
Faced with stress, CBD is a natural favorable asset that promotes relaxation and relaxation. It directly moderates feelings of anxiety by regulating the production of the stress hormone (cortisol). But also, if you notice that your cat is having an unusual reaction, it could be a mood disorder. Several causes can cause these behaviors such as stress or hormonal imbalance. Faced with this, CBD is a solution to help regulate your cat’s mood.

A cure for feline epilepsy

Cats can also suffer from epileptic seizures at various frequencies and gravities. Recent studies show the promising benefits of CBD when used to calm epilepsy. As in humans, cannabidiol tends to space out and reduce the frequency of seizures in our feline friends.

Using CBD well for cats

CBD oil for cats

Although CBD is available in different forms for our feline companions, CBD oil remains the most effective and convenient form. By placing a few drops using the pipette provided under your cat’s tongue, the benefits of CBD take effect within fifteen minutes. You can also mix the oil with your croquettes or pâté. But beware, there are a few precautions to take. First of all, it is recommended to use CBD oil designed for cats. Why ? Because the concentration of CBD (5%) will be better suited to its morphology. Although the risks of overdose are rare, care should be taken to give an appropriate dose for your cat’s size, weight and symptoms. If this is your first time giving CBD to your feline companion, give him a low dose and watch how he reacts to it. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian, who will be able to refer you. Then it is better to choose a organic CBD oil that will respect the health of your cat. Thus, there will be no risk of finding traces of heavy metals or chemical fertilizers. Finally, make sure that CBD oil is THC-free, which is toxic to animals.

Are there any harmful effects for our feline friends?

By following the recommendations outlined above, CBD should not have any unwanted effects on your cat. On the contrary, many owners and veterinarians recognize the beneficial effects on the health of our feline companions. The important thing is not to make him consume THC, as well as too much CBD. If you notice digestive disturbances or sedative effects, it means that the administered dose is not suitable for your pet. Above all, consult your veterinarian in the slightest doubt.


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