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Known for its natural benefits on the human body, CBD is starting to be popular for animals, especially for our four-legged companions, dogs. In the canine field, research has increased in recent years to determine the positive effects to calm certain canine pathologies.
Zoom on the beneficial virtues of cannabidiol and how to administer it safely to your pet.

CBD, the new darling of canine well-being

What are we talking about ?

First of all, you should know that CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a natural substance extracted from the hemp plant. Rest assured, even though it is made from cannabis, it is by no means THC, the other popular molecule in this plant. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychotropic and is not addictive. Plus, it’s also not toxic to dogs like THC can be. Its natural virtues make it a favorable ally for relieving everyday ailments, with minor or even rare side effects. It is then positioned as a natural supplement in the face of heavy drug treatments.

How does CBD work on your dog?

Part of the cannabinoid family, the CBD molecule acts on the endocannabinoid system (SEC) by interacting with central nervous system (CB1) and immune (CB2) receptors. CBD therefore influences various physiological levels of the body to regulate it. And this, in all mammals, because they all have an ECS. This is why the benefits of cannabidiol are particularly interesting for humans, but also for dogs. By binding to the SEC receptors, CBD is beneficial for fighting inflammation, calming chronic pain, reducing forms of canine anxiety or aggressiveness as well as regulating appetite.

The benefits of cannabidiol for dogs

A remedy for joint pain and inflammation

Recognized as a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD helps fight chronic or acute inflammation in your dog. This is particularly the case with allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases, asthma, hepatitis or even dermatitis. Conventional anti-inflammatory drugs can have serious side effects on your pet. CBD is then a natural alternative to fight and fight against its inflammatory reactions. Additionally, this also applies to arthritis, which is very common in older dogs. By its analgesic action, CBD for dogs helps improve physical conditions by reducing the symptoms and pain due to this degenerative disease (limping, loss of appetite, severe fatigue, etc.).

A favorable action to fight against stress

Dogs are very sensitive animals to daily stress. This can be in reaction to a specific situation or behavioral. In both cases, it can lead to unwanted barking, aggressive behavior, excessive breathing, crying or even loss of appetite. To enable them to relax in a healthy and natural way, CBD can be a great ally. Its calming and soothing benefits help reduce anxiety states and the aggressiveness that can arise from them. Your dog thus finds a certain serenity.

A solution for canine epilepsy

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from epilepsy. Seizures and convulsions can then be frightening and difficult to deal with. To calm them, drug treatments are most often prescribed, but can cause significant side effects. To avoid inconvenience to the health of your dog, CBD is presented as a alternative natural solution and considerably reduces epileptic seizures.

How to use CBD for your dog?

Giving Your Dog CBD Oil

With the democratization of CBD and the flourishing market in the dog sector, there are now several forms of CBD for our four-legged companions. CBD products for dogs are multiplying, there are treats, sprays or even nourishing balms. But the best-known form is still CBD oil, which is very practical and provides rapid action. Coming in the form of a bottle with pipette, just place a few drops under your dog’s tongue to benefit from the positive effects.
Directly absorbed by the blood, CBD works in about 15 minutes. But sometimes it is easier said than done and you may have difficulty administering it that way. It is then necessary to be cunning and facilitate the ingestion of the CBD oil by mixing it with the kibble. Note, however, that the assimilation of CBD will be a little slower, compared to the sublingual route.
Furthermore, a concentration of CBD at 5% is sufficient for the build of dogs. Regarding the dosage, it varies depending on many factors such as the age, size and weight of your dog, but also its symptoms and desired results. It is therefore recommended to seek advice from your veterinarian before giving any CBD product.

Choosing the best CBD for your canine companion

The choice of CBD oil is a crucial element when it comes to giving it to your pet. As said before, THC is a dangerous substance for animals and especially dogs. It is therefore essential to ensure that you choose a CBD oil devoid of any trace of THC.
Likewise, it is important to opt for organic CBD oils, which will not be a danger to your pet’s health. At Authentique-CBD, we offer certified organic CBD oils for dogs, without herbicides or other chemical fertilizers, and without THC. To make sure of this, tests are carried out regularly in the laboratory. You can therefore choose our 5% CBD oil for dogs with complete peace of mind!


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