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Back to school time has come! After a holiday in the sun, it’s time to get back to work, but not without a touch of nostalgia… It is true that September marks the end of the sunny days and the monotonous return to everyday life! Even more so in this particular epidemic period, stress invades nearly 80% of French people … To calmly resume working life, why not discover the benefits of CBD? Do not hesitate to consult our special article What should you know about CBD in 2021? to know more !

Once upon a time there was the Sunday night blues …

Back to school, synonymous with depression?

Returning to work is not always a source of joy and fulfillment. For most people, back to school is even synonymous with real anxiety! According to statistics, 30% of parents fear the return to school of their toddlers, while 55% of employees admit to being chronically stressed at the office …

Suffice to say that these figures raise questions! But then, why back to school is so repulsive for young and old alike? First of all, it must be admitted, the daily life of an average citizen is close to the infernal metro-work-sleep. It is never pleasant to run left and right without having a minute’s rest. In a productivist society which imposes a frantic pace of life on us, anxiety can only be there … Moreover, who says back to school also means the end of summer! When autumn comes to the fore, the days get shorter, temperatures drop, rain and grayness proliferate… so many elements that are a source of seasonal depression! By the way, did you know that? The human being is physiologically very sensitive to the luminosity of his environment. The lack of light really impacts the level of melatonin, a neurotransmitter essential for the regulation of bodily rhythms.

The specific context of Covid-19

And to top it off, we are living through an unprecedented health crisis! Between confinements, curfews and many other restrictions, the famous Covid-19 has been making life difficult for us for almost 2 years. So little by little, French citizens are trying to resume a more or less normal life, the shadow of this nasty virus keeps hovering over heads. We can therefore say: more than ever, the start of the 2021 school year is therefore strewn with doubts, worries and anxiety… In view of all this not very encouraging news, we nevertheless have the power to act! Natural solutions exist to better understand these tumultuous times. Among them, focus on cannabidiol (CBD), the legal and safe molecule in cannabis.

CBD, a natural solution to better understand the start of the school year!

The powerful anti-stress virtues of CBD

If CBD is so popular in the field of well-being, it is quite simply because it is endowed with countless virtues! From the great family of cannabinoids, this hemp extract is devoid of any addictive or psychoactive effect. It therefore represents an excellent 100% natural remedy! One of its most famous properties is undoubtedly its relaxing virtues. Cannabidiol is indeed known for its deeply soothing action. Consuming CBD allows you to relax both physically and psychologically, which is ideal after a hard day’s work. For this, nothing better than a few drops of organic CBD oil under the tongue, 3 times a day. Simple and fast, theCBD oil is quickly assimilated by the body, which allows an optimal result within 15 to 30 minutes after taking.

CBD for peaceful sleep

Who says stress also often says sleeping troubles ! When the start of the school year approaches, it is not uncommon to find it difficult to find a place to dive into Morpheus’ arms. The nights can even be hectic, to the point of waking up almost as tired as the day before! Good news, CBD is also the ally of a deep and restful sleep. Just before sleeping, just savor a delicious CBD infusion. This will allow you not only to avoid insomnia, but also to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Special gourmet info: know that there is a wide variety of CBD herbal teas. There is something for every taste ! At Authentique-CBD, theorganic herbal tea “Nuit Calme” should delight your taste buds with its unique taste between citrus and verbena … a real delight!

CBD: a cure for depression

Finally, and this is important to specify, the CBD acts as a natural antidepressant. Through its impact on the endocannabinoid system, a large network of receptors essential for the proper functioning of the human body, it modulates certain chemicals in the brain. For example, CBD is able to regulate the level of serotonin, poetically called the happiness hormone.

In 2016, researchers conducted a study on CBD and mood. This concerned rodents. Mice that consumed CBD were found to be more active, playful and motivated. The researchers concluded that cannabidiol acts on the brain in the same way as imipramine, a chemical, used in some antidepressants, which inhibits the neuronal reuptake of catecholamines and serotonin. Unexplained sadness, feeling of melancholy, loss of interest in the small pleasures of everyday life … these unpleasant symptoms can be relieved with CBD. Consuming CBD Creates a More Positive Mindset, especially in the face of difficult times in life.

Where to buy quality CBD?

For the start of the school year, it’s decided, you are testing CBD! Good initiative. But be careful to choose your cannabidiol! The CBD market is booming, so offers are popping up everywhere. Some have very attractive prices, but unfortunately the quality is not there. True CBD enthusiasts are convinced: it is better to invest in a good CBD product, marketed by a trusted store, and from organic farming. Authentique-CBD, the French benchmark for premium CBD, has a large selection of certified organic cannabidiol products, grown in Europe, in the heart of a Swiss farm. For security reasons, the e-shop performs regular and rigorous laboratory tests. Thus, all Authentic-CBD CBD products with less than 0.2% THC!


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