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A question often lingers in the minds of CBD users: Can you be positive on saliva and urine tests for cannabis screening? Find out all you need to know about THC and CBD testing! To discover our range of totally organic CBD flowers, it’s here

Can CBD be tested like THC?

THC and CBD: a big difference

Although they came from the hemp plant, the molecules of THC and CBD are quite distinct. Indeed, they do not interact on the same receptors of the endocannabinoid system. While THC, also called tetrahydrocannabinol, provides euphoric effects, CBD or cannabidiol is not psychoactive. So consuming CBD won’t get you high, unlike recreational cannabis. In addition, THC is addictive and has harmful side effects on health. Therefore, it is considered a narcotic. Its cultivation, consumption and sale are therefore prohibited in France. On the contrary, CBD has only very slight undesirable effects (fatigue, digestive disorders) and is considered a well-being supplement. Its sale and consumption are legal in France.

Update on the dosage and level of THC and CBD

In France, CBD is authorized provided that the level of THC present in the final product does not exceed 0.2%. Beyond that, the CBD product is illegal on French territory. Unlike the THC level, the CBD level can vary and is not subject to specific regulations. You will therefore find products with different concentrations of cannabidiol (from 3% to 15% for flowers and from 5% to 30% for oils). To find out how to dose your CBD intake, you must take into account your weight and your habit of consuming it or not. It is always recommended to start with a low dosage and observe the effects felt. If necessary, you can then increase your CBD dosage.

Roadside checks and cannabis consumption

During a roadside test, only hard drugs and recreational cannabis are looked for. Rest assured, as CBD is not a narcotic, its consumption is not verified by law enforcement. Nothing prevents you from driving after consuming CBD, unlike THC which is dangerous on the road. However, if you experience side effects like drowsiness after consuming CBD, avoid driving immediately. On the other hand, coming out positive on a roadside test with CBD is a rare phenomenon, but not impossible. This is due to the presence of a low level of THC in your CBD product. Even if this is less than 0.2%, the saliva test may be sensitive to the molecule. So, to make sure you don’t come out positive, prefer to consume broad spectrum CBD products, that is to say, THC-free.


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