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Cannabidiol (CBD) is the new darling of Westerners. Legal and harmless, this molecule derived from the cannabis plant offers many therapeutic virtues. But that’s not all, we also discover it today as an essential beauty ally! Anti-wrinkle CBD: here’s why cannabidiol is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics … For more information, see our great guide to CBD cosmetics

CBD, a natural product to fight against skin aging

Hide those wrinkles that I couldn’t see …

If there is one thing that escapes us, it’s time! Over the years, it is quite normal to see your body transform, and the skin does not escape this implacable reality. Like all organs, it is genetically programmed to age, which implies a gradual loss of elasticity. Result: the skin is drier, less tight, and wrinkles deepen! In addition, remember that the epidermis acts as a protection against countless daily attacks, such as the sun, pollution, or even bad weather. It is also sensitive to many factors such as stress, lack of sleep, tobacco consumption … so many insignificant details that can impact the condition of the skin from an early age. However, in a society which wrongly advocates eternal youth as a standard of beauty, these skin upheavals are not always well experienced. They can even become in some people real complexes! Botox anti-wrinkle creams, a thousand and one “miracle solutions” are emerging, but the effectiveness is not always there. Not to mention that many of these products and interventions can be costly or harmful to health.

The antioxidant benefits of CBD

As a reminder, CBD is extracted from hemp, and is part of the cannabinoid family. Unlike THC, it is devoid of any addictive or psychoactive effect, and its consumption is completely legal in France. Many consumers appreciate it for its incredible therapeutic properties. Indeed, this wonderful molecule is able to relieve an infinity of physical and psychological ailments. However, in recent years, cannabidiol has also become very popular in the cosmetics world. And here is one of the reasons for this craze … Several studies give CBD an interesting antioxidant potential. In 1998 in particular, in the United States, researchers came to the following conclusion: “cannabidiol, THC, and several synthetic cannabinoids have all been shown to be antioxidants by cyclic voltammetry”. Did you know ? Antioxidants have the advantage of combating oxidative stress, which is not only a source of serious diseases, but also accelerates skin aging. Thanks to its antioxidant action, CBD is an excellent anti-wrinkle agent! It slows down the signs of aging of the skin and promotes cell renewal. More recently, in 2019, a new Polish study confirms the anti-aging benefits of CBD. This explains that by its contribution in micronutrients, such as zinc or selenium, CBD increases the level of non-enzymatic antioxidants, strengthens the antioxidant activity of the body, optimizes the enzymatic antioxidant activity, and decreases the oxidative modifications of lipids, proteins, and DNA. The study also highlights an inhibition of certain free radicals.

CBD, a vitamin cocktail for hydrated skin!

With age, the skin produces less collagen and elastin. The activity of the sebaceous glands also drastically decreases. The epidermis then loses suppleness as well as hydration. Verdict: wrinkles, tightness, cracking and itching spoil the party! To fight against these well-known inconveniences of mature skin, CBD is once again an effective remedy … For good reason, cannabidiol benefits from a great nutritional richness. It contains several essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, but also fiber, protein, vitamin E, and vitamin A … a daring mixture to deeply hydrate the skin and slow down the damage skin aging!

When cannabidiol promotes a peaceful daily life …

In addition to its undeniable benefits on the epidermis, CBD also has an indirect action on the beauty of the skin. As mentioned previously, environmental factors, such as stress or lack of sleep, can have real consequences on skin health. However, good news, CBD is likely to overcome these small daily hazards … Long known to be a very good natural stress reliever, cannabidiol promotes a serene and positive state of mind. It also helps fight against sleep disorders, by promoting rapid fall asleep, and deep and restful sleep. Consuming CBD is therefore an effective way to improve your quality of life, and therefore to preserve your skin!


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