A car made from hemp and solar energy soon available


Aptera Motors has won its bet to design a clean, ecological, economical and sustainable vehicle! In pre-booking since December 2020, Aptera, the futuristic car made of hemp and powered by solar energy, will be marketed at the end of 2021.

The hemp car, a not so innovative concept!

Henry Ford was probably the first to dream of a 100% natural car, both in terms of its composition and the energy used. Ahead of his time, he was able to imagine a plant-based alternative to plastics and metals.

It was in 1941 that he presented his bio-sourced car, made from hemp and soybeans and running on ethanol, a biofuel made from hemp seeds. The Second World War will put an end to innovation and its production will unfortunately never be launched. We now know that this vehicle was mainly composed of hemp, but also of flax and wheat straw, assembled using a soy-based resin.

This concept of vegetal and eco-designed car was taken up in 2016, by Bruce Michael Dietzen, for the manufacture of a prototype made from a Mazda and whose body is made from 3 layers of materials based on hemp.

Solar energy and hemp: the strengths of the Aptera

A three-wheeled vehicle with a futuristic, eco-designed, ecological look, the Aptera seems to be the car of the future par excellence.

The designers knew how to combine ecological composition and sustainable and renewable energy to make it a real “Green machine”.

The composite material of the bodywork combining hemp, carbon and Kevlar guarantees strength and safety. This composite makes the car lighter and therefore less fuel efficient. In addition, its aerodynamics limit air friction. This drop in wind resistance also reduces its energy consumption.

Its 180 solar panels integrated into the body provide a daily range of around 70 km, using solar energy alone. Depending on the power of the battery, the range could be extended to 1,600 km for the top-of-the-range model, in a single charge.

The Aptera is also an economical vehicle. The prices vary between 21,000 and 37,000 €. These prices are extremely attractive and relatively affordable compared to competing models, Lucid Air and Tesla Model 3, which have prices between € 30,000 and € 64,000.

Although it is unconventional, the strengths of this car have already attracted more than 8,000 people since the opening of pre-reservations.

Solar-powered hemp vehicles on our roads from next year

Since 2006, Aptera Motors has had its ups and downs. After bankruptcy in 2011, the project resumed in 2019. This time, the start-up wanted to be sure to offer a car that keeps its promises and to be able to announce a delivery date before opening its order book.

Reservations were opened in December 2020 and the Aptera should be on sale at the end of 2021.

The company expects to send nearly 10,000 vehicles to the roads next year. Its objective is to achieve the sale of 20,000 cars each year and to continue to develop its fleet by declining its models.


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