71% of gynecological cancers relieved in the study


Carried out on a small scale in the USA, a study looked more closely at the use of medical cannabis in patients with gynecological cancer. This study was published on June 24, 2021 in the Gynecologic Oncology Report. For this work, therapeutic cannabis was prescribed to 45 women suffering from gynecological cancer in order to relieve the symptoms inherent in the disease itself but also those related to cancer treatments.

Symptoms of gynecological cancers can be relieved with medical cannabis

The main symptoms reported by cancer patients are often the same:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain;
  • fatigue from cancer treatments;
  • anorexia.

We now know that cannabis has already been proven to reduce or even inhibit this type of symptom and in particular to relieve pain.

The study carried out on 45 women with different gynecological cancers looked at the use of medical cannabis, its duration, the type of prescription, the degree of symptom relief as well as the side effects. The observations lasted between 1 and 25 months depending on the subject.

The study states that doses of THC / CBD with a 1/1 ratio were prescribed to almost 55% of the subjects. These were formulations to put under the tongue and to inhale in 70% of cases. Other patients have been administered medical cannabis in several forms.

The reasons for prescribing differed according to the participants: 56% used medical cannabis to manage pain, 47% to reduce nausea and emetic disorders, 33% to avoid anorexia and 27% to get rid of sleep disorders.

71% of patients with this type of cancer validate the use of medical cannabis

The results of this study are mostly positive.

Only 15% of the subjects gave up the experiment in progress following side effects of the cannabinoids, such as drowsiness, confusion, nausea or even dizziness.

Out of 45 participants, 41 completed the study. Of these patients, 89% were on chemotherapy and 56% were receiving less aggressive treatment.

Specifically, according to study data, 70% of subjects noted a reduction in nausea and vomiting and 36% used it for pain.

71% of patients with gynecological cancer who completed the protocol say that the use of medical cannabis improved at least one symptom they were suffering from.

Study leaders explain that “in cancer patients whose pain is poorly controlled by opioids, adding compounds containing THC / CBD and nabiximols improves pain scores compared to placebo in some studies, but not all “.

The Canadian Cancer Society also informs that studies on the effectiveness of cannabis do not all obtain the same results, but it is true that cannabis and cannabis-based drugs provide cancer patients with a certain degree of success. feeling of well-being and appeasement. In fact, in Canada, a third of cancer patients use cannabis.

This study is one more in favor of medical cannabis. Raising awareness among patients with gynecological cancer about side effects and training healthcare professionals in the use of medical cannabis remain essential to say the least and would make it possible to better manage symptoms and support patients throughout the disease. .


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