1% THC allowed in hemp


Numerous recent scientific studies attest to the multiple beneficial properties of cannabis and its effectiveness on the endocannabinoid system, in particular to relieve the symptoms of serious pathologies, or even to fight against serious diseases. Long put aside and demonized because of its psychotropic effect, cannabis is now more and more coveted. It is therefore the effervescence in the four corners of the globe to succeed and hold its market share. Several countries have already relaxed their laws in favor of cannabis and the Czech Republic is not left out as a new bill has recently been proposed to increase the THC level of hemp plants to 1% from 0.2%. currently. Where is this bill at? Will all hemp-based products be affected by this change?

The Chamber of Deputies is in favor of hemp containing 1% THC

Like the state of Minnesota in the United States, a bill to increase the limit on the level of THC in hemp plants has been accepted by the Czech House of Representatives. Industrial hemp could therefore contain up to 1% THC.

This change in regulations would result in de facto the modification of a number of laws related to the THC rate: legislation around the cultivation of hemp plants, its exploitation, its export, etc.

The decision on the THC level is in the hands of the Senate and the President

Accepted by the Chamber of Deputies, the bill has yet to be approved by the Senate and submitted to the President, Miloš Zeman, for final and definitive validation, which seems to be on very good track since its entry into force is already scheduled for January 2022.

Hana Gabrielova, CEO of the Hempoint company, which specializes in hemp, sees this bill as “a great victory for the defenders of medical cannabis and hemp”. Even though changing the legislation takes a lot of work and there are still a lot of details to be worked out to date, the rewards are worth the effort. Indeed, a hemp plant containing 1% THC will have a CBD rate more than 30 times higher than that of a plant with 0.2% THC (current regulatory rate). A real boon for manufacturers and growers of hemp!

All hemp products will be able to contain up to 1% THC

If this law were to be adopted, the THC limit of 1% would be extended to all hemp-based products. Thus, CBD oils, dietary supplements, cosmetics, groceries, all finished products containing hemp extracts could contain up to 1% THC without being considered illegal and would be over the counter.

By legalizing the cultivation of hemp plants with a higher THC level than in other European countries, the Czech Republic would offer its hemp and CBD farmers and growers a clear advantage over its competitors in Europe. They would then be able to provide more CBD but also to sell more effective products.

For its part, the European Union also plans to raise the THC rate in hemp by 2023, but would be limited to 0.3%.


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